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Bachmann breakdown crane with DCC

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Hi all,

After recieving a power bogie from Japan and being on the shelf for a while today i found a use for it in the shape of bachmann's U.P. breakdown crane although a bit fiddly to dissasemble and cut the chassis to accept the bogie it is ready to mount the bogie on once the support for it has set overnight, also the fitting of a TCS M1 decoder makes it fit in with my plans.

I took a few pics to show progress so far

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Looking good so far. Like to see it when it's complete.

Tested the bogie and it runs fine in the truck it is mounted in, although now i need traction tyres on it after coupling it up to the crane
as the little motor is not up to pulling the full unit,anyone any ideas how to make 4mm tyres or a better way of adhesion on the track ?
all it needs then is microtrains couplers fitting.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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