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Bachmann Chinese catalogue released

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Bachmann Europe Plc has released a new catalogue covering the Bachmann China range.

The Bachmann Chinese range covers steam, diesel and electric locomotives, coaches and wagons. The range first became popular in the UK with the production of the famous QJ 2-10-2 and SY 2-8-2 locomotives which, remained in main line operation until 2005. Some remain in industrial use today.

Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc said "the growth of the Bachmann China range has been incredible over the past few years and it offers a totally different option for home based modellers to explore. Many of the steam locomotives have been acquired by enthusiasts who have visited China to witness steam operation for themselves, many of whom are not railway modellers".

The catalogue is available from Bachmann stockists and retails at £2.
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I presume they are all HO.

MG sharp stock a lot of the range.
Interesting that the photo they chose for the front of the catalogue features a couple of scratchbuilt steamers not in Bachmanns range as well as the QJ's and diesels.
I use the Tsunami steam decoder in my QJ as it includes the SP4449 airhorn similar to those used on the QJ, so I have the horn on the short whistle function button.

Couple more interesting sites, modelling and prototype. lots of pictures.
Very interesting to see a JS on the front. i wonder if this is something they are planning. it would make sence as its a glaring omission from the current lineup.

On another note it is about time they did another catalouge. the old one has been in use since 2003 and was looking very dated compared to what is now available.

QUOTE the famous QJ 2-10-2
My wall callendar photo for November is 3 QJs "im Bahnhof von Jingpeng" - it's a german language calendar bought in Bern last year. Plenty of steam and smoke un the photo

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