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ok........the Bachmann # 108 is streets ahead of the old Tri-ang DMU in virtually every respect....apart from the older model's unintentional built-in sound effects!

the # 108 is the first britsh dmu I have had bought me since...oooh....the 1970's?

and what an advance it is on those far-off models?

[in those days' I despaired at ever achieving an acceptable appearance with what was, for my layout, an essential piece of stock.........and often gazed longingly at the efforts of Anbrico......launched even further into despair at their price tags!]

the # 108 is extremely quiet by comparison.....although it seems to work better in one direction that the other!

I put this down to a northern hemisphere doubt in Australia the opposite happens?

the lighting is excellent, coming on to almost full brightness as soon as the controller is twitched [Ihave in the past made my own constant lighting...using diodes,etc]

I find the destination boards somewhat too bright though......and would appreciate a selection of destinations!

For me, an important criteria is 'how well' the trailer car tracks when being shoved.

my young son is liable to borrow stuff to run, so I tested the units on his tightest curves.....real flange squealers in places......and on a reverse curve over a baseboard joint...with no ill effects.

all I need now is noise and smoke!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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