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bachmann class 108 lighting

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I have just unboxed a bachmann class 108 the 32900A - the ones with the headcode boxes. I fitted a lenz silver decoder in the motor car, and left the trailer car unfitted with (thinking I might put a DCC Sound decder in sometime of which another post int the future) - anyway the light behaviour I get gives me two problems -

a> The interior lights only seem to give me three pools of light - see attached photo - with the middle of each coach unlit.

b> the trailer headcode is NEVER lit.

Is this behaviour as expected?

motor end -
Train Vehicle Rolling stock Window Track

trailer end -
Train Window Vehicle Rolling stock Automotive lighting


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QUOTE (Hugh Williams @ 20 Feb 2008, 19:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One thing I have thought about is why can't manufacturer's such as Hornby and Bachmann, and, now Heljan, make PCB's and associated wiring dcc friendly so that all you do is set your CV's to control lights in prototypical fashion. I don't know what the general views on this idea would be.

Probably down to the usual reason - costs, not that it would add much at all. Also, their market research may suggest that very few buyers are actually that concerned - as you say full tail lights look good on a darkened layout.
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