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Bachmann Class 170 DMU conversion

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Yesterday I was installing a decoder in one of my Bachmann Class 170 3 car DMU's. I am using a Lenz Gold and intend to run the light function from the Lenz Gold decoder instead of having two function decoders in the end cars as recommended on a couple of Websites.

The decoder installation was easy but I am having problems with the directional lighting in the end cars. I was following the instructions on the electric nose website for the Virgin Voyager which seemed to be the closest but the internals where the circuit board for the lighting is seems to be different. In the Voyager there is a screw which holds the circuit board in but there is not in the class 170. The problem is that I can't see how to get the circuit board for the lighting out of the end car without having to break something, which I would prefer not to do unless I know I have no choice. Has anyone attempted this and how did they solve it?
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Hi. Try this:

This is John Humphries excellent Norton Road site. Click 'Workshop' in the left side menu and then 'decoder fitting' on the resultant page. You should see a Central Trains Turbostar image as one of the options - click on that and follow the excellent instructions.

Don't fear the concept of cutting the wires where necessary!

Cheers, Ian
Thanks for that. I eventually found that site last week and those are the instructions I followed. It works well.
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