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Quite agree Gary.

As a retailer we have only had about three loco's returned with "faults". On 2 occasions (from the same customer) when we checked (before replacement) it was clear that they had both been partly dismantled (cross headed screws, heads chewed, wiring displaced) & they had been used enough for the wheel treads to be shiny. These 2 loco's were repaired & returned.
This particular customer also "re-oiled" 2 loco's that we repaired for him (with 3 in 1 - you could smell it !) getting it on the comutators, wheels & pick ups.
The other loco (which was not "interfered" with) was replaced & the faulty one returned to the manufacture.

From the photo's I cannot see any reason for the purchaser to interfere with the decoder on this model - it looks entirely possible to service and/or lube the loco & leave the decoder seal intact. If any fault did develop that required removal of the decoder then I would tend to return it to Bachmann - from most reports their service appears to be excellent.

At the end of the day many other electrical things we buy have similar seals.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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