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Bachmann Class 20

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I will be using this in a forthcoming review. I must say that it is a fantastic model. Runs very well and is solid and strong. Perfect for hauling rolling stock around any layout.

As I don't know much about these Class 20 locos. Can anyone please tell me something about them? There are versions with disks and versions with head-boxes. When doubled-up, were the disk locos and head box locos ever mixed? Were they from different periods? Were head-boxes added to the disk versions to upgrade them?
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I'm intertested in some info on these locos:

All BR green.

BR Class 20 D8046
BR Class 20 D8113
BR Class 20 D8134
I'm planning on having the 3 locos that I mentioned above in the review. Old, new and soon to be released...

I'll add the info on the last one as soon as it is released.
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QUOTE (Rail-Rider @ 30 May 2006, 14:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Whatever may be said about external detail etc, and I am not qualified to post any opinion on that, it is just great to see a nice, hefty, double flywheel setup inside the cutaway picture. Extra weight AND extra inertia/momentum - excellent.

Yes, this is what lacks in many other models including most steam locos. I'm keen to see what modifications are to be made to get the sound decoders into that space.

This Class 20 is quite an ugly little brute. It had the same stubby attractiveness that enticed me towards the Q1 Class steam locos. Doubled up, nose-to-nose, these locos would look great on the layout.
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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