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Bachmann Class 20

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I will be using this in a forthcoming review. I must say that it is a fantastic model. Runs very well and is solid and strong. Perfect for hauling rolling stock around any layout.

As I don't know much about these Class 20 locos. Can anyone please tell me something about them? There are versions with disks and versions with head-boxes. When doubled-up, were the disk locos and head box locos ever mixed? Were they from different periods? Were head-boxes added to the disk versions to upgrade them?
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I'm considering buying a class 20 in early BR period and convert it to DCC operation.
Does anyone know if there is a non powered RTR version available for double heading

I know I could use two power locos running as a consist but I would prefer a non powered loco as this leaves more dcc track power available to run other trains.
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