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Bachmann Class 20

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I will be using this in a forthcoming review. I must say that it is a fantastic model. Runs very well and is solid and strong. Perfect for hauling rolling stock around any layout.

As I don't know much about these Class 20 locos. Can anyone please tell me something about them? There are versions with disks and versions with head-boxes. When doubled-up, were the disk locos and head box locos ever mixed? Were they from different periods? Were head-boxes added to the disk versions to upgrade them?
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>You'd need to get someone with an old Locoshed/Depot
I have some locoshed books from the late 70s, if you are interested in pursuing this avenue.

In the reprinted (~late 70s) summer edition of Ian Allen's Locomotve & Locoshed book 1959, D8046 is listed but there is no shed allocation information which suggests that it was built during that year.
The allocations for D8000 to D8019 are either 5B (Crewe South) or 1D (Devons Road)

That's the only "green" information I have.

In the 1973 edition, all 3 are still on the list but have been renumbered in the 20xxx series.
They are still in the list in the 1979 edition - none were fitted with dual brakes.

The shed allocations in the 70s were as follows:-

1976, 1977 20 046 - ED; 20 113 - TO; 20 134 - TO
1979 20 046 - ED; 20 113 - TO; 20 134 - ER

ED = Eastfield (Glasgow - 65A)
TO = Toton (16A)
ER = Typo / misprint???

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>Bachmann had added extra capacitors across the motors in the 25 and the Warship. Why?
They must have been having problems with Radio Frequency Interference and couldn't get it through the tests.

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