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Bachmann Class 20

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I will be using this in a forthcoming review. I must say that it is a fantastic model. Runs very well and is solid and strong. Perfect for hauling rolling stock around any layout.

As I don't know much about these Class 20 locos. Can anyone please tell me something about them? There are versions with disks and versions with head-boxes. When doubled-up, were the disk locos and head box locos ever mixed? Were they from different periods? Were head-boxes added to the disk versions to upgrade them?
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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 25 May 2006, 14:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>be carefull which one you review as they have changed since their introduction. the one in the picture is the origional. with the opening windows and the poorer of the bogies. also the cab shape was wrong. this was the last of (or at least i hope it was the last!) of bachmann's diesels that were simply not up to scratch. there was nothing really wrong with them but hornby had raised the bar buy at least 4 feet and the 20 the 37 the deltic and the peak just didnt cut it. they have all had some work (with the exception of the deltic?) and in the case of the 37 it has already been compleatly retooled and is having a second retool later this year.

on the 20 the sand pipes were quite different on the later versions. unfortunatly i dont have one of the later ones so i cant give you a comparison picture. but if your doing a review you will want to review one of the latest ones or it will already be out of date.


I've bought the the Bachmann 25, 37, 40, Warship and Deltic locos. I was impressed with them all especially the 25 class which is a weighty little beast at least 200grams heavier than the nearest steam loco. Fitting a DCC decoder was reasonably easybut I did notice that Bachmann had added extra capacitors across the motors in the 25 and the Warship. Why? I don't know but it meant completely disassembling the model to remove them. After reassembly I removed the chokes and capacitors off the PC board and soldered a pair of jumpers in place of the chokes. I also did this on the other models. I fitted TCS T-1 decoders which perform reasonably well but will be replaced by suitable sound decoders when they come along. A minor curiosity with Bachmann diesels is that 6 axle units only have 4 driven axles the rear ones are just idlers. Seems odd when everybody else that makes a six axle diesel drives all the axles. They must have used a cut price draughtsman when the designed the motor bogies. Finish on all the models is good and the detail on the 25, 37 and Deltic is really good. The Warship suffers abit being an older model that dates back to Mainline ? days but it to has an impressive weight and an excellent hauling capacity. Another oddity with the diesels is the use of plastic chassis. I would have thought by now that they have intoduced metal chassis which would reduce the size of the weight to allow easier fitment of sound decoders. The 37 is proably the best of the Bachmann diesels with nice crisp detail and paint and is a very smooth runner. I'm now looking forward to the the sound equipped Deltic and 20 class coming out.

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