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Bachmann Class 24 (32-428)

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Anybody any experiences of this model? I fancy one, and at £33 from Hattons seems very good value. It's going for this price at a few other places too. What do you think the reason is for this being so cheap?

As Hattons says 'bargain'....but is it?
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It is cheap and comes with a dcc socket. Its probably a bit of slow moving stock they want to shift. I've got 24081 which was one of the first loco's i got and it is a good runner, smooth on acceleration and quiet as well, not a speed demon but a good all round performer in my opinion. I believe that when these and the class 25's were brought out there were questions raised about the curvature of the roof but i don't think its too much to worry about. Do bear in mind their postage rate of £4 per order so if possible try and order a few things together or £33 becomes £37.
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I have two Bachmann Class 24s and they are excellent runners. Suspect low price is because the model has now been out for about 3 years and everyone that wanted one has now got one. Probably Hattons has excessive stock they want to get cash for.

Thanks Spongebob. Roof curvature isn't on my list of priorities...looks alreet to me

Thats what I like to hear though - smooth, quiet, DCC socket. As you say Hattons £4 delivery charge is a bit steep, but at £37 is still a good buy. I'll check out the delivery at those other spots first.
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I've only just started in this hobby late last year, so didn't realise the class 24 had been on sale for 3 years. Yeah, that's probably what it is then.
Another Bachmann model they seem to have dropped for a couple of years. Hardly made a plethora of different examples, 2 blue and a few green with 1 limited edition. The Bachmann class 25 is also worth considering as it was a development of the same type with a few different body variations, probably find them at about the same money too.
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Hi Paul

If the price you quote is correct - it's very good value for money.

However, you didn't say what period, (if any) your layout is based on.

I'm sure that the last Class 24 was withdrawn, in the ScR anyway, around early 1981. I think some survived in the Crewe area and in Wales for a bit later.
The last time I worked on one was a Sunday Ballast train in late 1980.

As regards the performance, well the model more than matches the prototype.

I can recall them struggling to get above 45mph with 4 Mk1 coaches on, climbing any gradient worth mentioning.

If it's of any interest to you anyone, they were affectionately known as "slot machines" or "1 arm bandits", because the Reverser, and the Power Handle were housed in a sort of standalone unit on the floor, which was quite seperate from the Drivers desk as such.
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QUOTE (Scooter @ 20 Jan 2006, 10:11)However, you didn't say what period, (if any) your layout is based on.


Hi Scooter, the reason I didn't mention my layout is because it is still in my head

I'm building up a collection of locomotives first. This gives me the motiviation and justification to then build the layout.

My plan is very unconventional when compared to most of the other members layouts. First and foremost it's going to be post privatisation freight based. Especially the period when EWS's inherited traction was still in BR's various colours (mainline, loadhaul, transrail, grey sectorision etc. This provides a plethora of liveries.

So where does the Class 24 in BR blue come in then??? Well I also plan to build a British Rail diesel 'heritage' centre. A kind of museum where I can run passenger charter trips pulled by classic diesel traction. Great excuse to incorporate BR corporate blue on my layout. They will be housed in a roundhouse / turntable style set-up.

I will be building each depot on seperate 'modules' baseboards, which can then be taken into the attic of my new residence once I get it. (long and narrow boards to fit through loft hatch). 1 x board for the BR museum, 1 x board for the EWS depot and 1 x board for a DRS depot. I will have them spaced out around the edges of the attic, and linked with long sections of track.

A future add-on 'module' will probably be a passenger station roughly based on Carlisle. I can then add Virgin 87's, voyagers, new pendolino, Northern 156's.

So you can see I am a 'livery' junky. I want to be able to collect and run lots of different liveries on different classes all on the same layout. This modular approach lets me do that. It might sound a bit crazy and not entirely prototypical, but hey what the h*ll. It floats my boat.

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Well Paul, you've found your own back door. Carlisle Kingmoor in the late 1980s and early 1990s, had a few Class 25s and atleast 1 Class 24 mothballed there.
(it had no headcode above the cab front so it was definitely a 24).

They had all been withdrawn years before, but they weren't all stabled in the main Shed area on the Down side.

Some were stabled in sidings on the Up side in front of what I was told to be part of an old Steam Shed, which had sat derelict for some 10 years or so since the late atleast 1979.

They were taken away in the 1990s sometime, by road haulage.
Interesting info that Scooter...thanks. As I'm not from a railway background (career wise) info like that is great. One of my modules will be the DRS Kingmoor depot. Sad to see the rest of Kingmoor now, gradually being taken over by a timber yard. Before long there'll be nowt left.

Sorry Doug for kinda going off topic a bit.
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