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Well I have found the same on one of mine can I ask is it a freightliner 66 ? as I don't have the same problem with my ews 66 and I think that it is the plastic type that dose it the green plastic isn't as good as the red.

I have thought about filling them but the problem is when you put the screw back in if the (filler what ever it is) is strong you will push it out of the way and crack the peg.

If you use thread lock you will never get the screw out again and you will definantly snap the peg off.

If you put a ferrell in you can crack the peg as you push it in.

You cant drill it out to put a bigger screw in it as you will crack the peg.

A longer screw will just go through the body.

If you can get the body on then try to wedge it at each end or on the end that wont screw down.

Any other ideas anyone ?

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