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Bachmann Class 66 body shell stripped threads

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Just wondered if anyone has had this problem.

I carefully removed the top off my Bachmann Class 66 to fit DCC only to find on reassembly most of the plastic threads are virtually non-existant. Can anyone recommend a suitable repair/filler compound to fill the holes. Liquid threadlock (Loctite) has been suggested to me but maybe there is a better method. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
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I must admit I've not had the problem Howzatt but I have a suspicion the only reliable way forward will be to fill the hole with a fine grade body filler (Milliput perhaps) and re-drill and re-tap the thread. Obviously if the screw is of the self tapping type it won't be necessary to re-tap the hole but care will be necessary to drill the correct size hole. By this I mean small enough for the screw to form a thread capable of holding the screw in place but not so small as the screw breaks out the filler and splits the post.
QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 20 Apr 2007, 08:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Send the offending loco's back to Bachmann - after all if they are defective then Bachmann should sort out the problem (& in defence of B - if they don't know about a problem they cannot do anything about it). Maybe the screws are tightened far too much on original assembly, or as you say the plastic varies.

What you don't want to do is to forget the body/chassis are not secure, pick the loco up & the chassis falls out reducing itself to its component parts on contact with the floor...........

Valid point dbclass50. I have read posts on other forums with regard to these screws being very difficult (tight) to undo and it being obvious once removed that the plastic thread has been stripped from the post in the process.
Just a thought and after reading Ravenser's post above and if you do follow the 'fill the hole and re-drill' method, you could always reinforce the post with a piece of bass (or similar) tube stuck on with aradite. If nothing else it should stop the screw from splitting the post.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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