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Bachmann Class 66 Freightliner Shanks Limited Edition

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Hi all,

Just to let you know in case you missed it, Kernow Model Railways have had some cancellations for their much sought after limited edition. If you go to their website or call them they have a very limited quantity left.

Mine arrived this morning, excellent model and very good service from this retailer.

The price has gone up to £150 which although a lot, is much cheaper than buying from Ebay.

Have fun.

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Strikes me as being a very cynical way of cashing in on a"sold out" item and I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole on principal. Limited editions are expensive enough without paying a premium to the shop who sold them in the first place. Imagine if next years prices are determined by the price fetched on ebay. Bunch of sharks.
Its probably to stop those that sold a lot of them on ebay from buying more and selling it on to make a huge profit on what they paid.

Either wat i'm still not getting one - £150 is a lot of money (I was unsure paying £87 in the first place)
Who is to say that some of those sold on ebay weren't put on by the shop just for the money making potential.
A hundred and fifty quid seems a bit excessive for a basic class 66. I would be expecting to pay that for one of Bachmanns forthcoming ones with digital sound.
I have seen a few retailers using Ebay as way of jacking up their prices. I see Rails of Sheffield are using Ebay as a selling medium now. Could this be the shape of things to come?
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I have no problem with retialers selling on E-bay. It's the people who pay inflated prices that need looking at. Rails has been using e-bay for ages but their LTD editions go on at the same price you buy in the shop. £150 for a shanks is just a rip off. Bachmann will do there own soon enough and I'll get one at £55 from rails or hattons.

If people bothered to buy the ltd edition at the time of release then there wouldn't be that many on e-bay. The shops now what is happening when some one buys 5 or six at a time. In the end they may sell there stock but fuel the fire that is e-bay. Which is great by the way (e-bay that is). It's the people that use it that cause prices to go through the roof. Once shops know that people will pay silly money then expect more cynical selling via e-bay and not the normal route.
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I missed it the first time round and as a collector you never know if you will get the chance again. I prefer to pay a premium and buy it from a known retailer than to buy off a stranger on the web. These have gone for £300 on ebay.

I think its a bit harsh to call them a bunch of sharks, after all they are running a business like any other.
Its like when DJH and Slaters put up their prices 10%, the stock in the shops was manufactured at the old rate but the retailers charge the new rate, is that fair? Its business.

I paid the premium and I am enjoying my Class 66. Thats what its all about, enjoying the hobby in all its variations and forms.

At the end of the day a model is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.
The buyers on ebay haven't forced this price hike. The shop have. They would've been happy to accept the going rate when they "sold" them first time round and should be happy to do so now. It stinks and I hope Bachmann are taking note of the underhand way this company do business.
To be fair to Rails, at least they list most of their items at £0.99 starting price, and let market forces / supply & demand / stupidness do the rest. If your lucky you can get some brand new stuff from Rails off Ebay much cheaper than buying from their shop.

I would be annoyed if Rails had 'buy-it-now' stuff at ridiculous prices, which they don't.
The problem with the Shanks 66 is that there is only 1 of them in real life and therefore only 1 would be done during the life of that particular tooling (Whether or not its a limited edition). It just so happens Kernow got in there first with doing it as a ltd in OO otherwise i'd expect it to be in this year catalouge.
As a one off it is the perfect option for a limiited edition. My issue is that they seem to have mysteriously had some cancelled orders and after seeing the stupid prices asked(and got) on ebay have decided to jack the price up. As I say will next years limited editions be priced similarly. Having seen the same guy sell about 6 of these on ebay I still ask the question have the shop been fuelling the fire themselves on ebay.
Stupid prices, well thats ebay all over these days i'm affraid. Now back when it started you really could get some bargains, but now so many people use it, it's become a farse. Just lok at what happend to Lima seacows (30 quid each) and really stupid is the current issue with old Triand Blue pullman coaches. I've seen them go for 50 + each, a stall at Ally Pally had some at 40 each. a year ago they would go for a fiver max. Its just since FM started running their pullman that everyones gone daft for them.

I have one of the shanks, which i ordered in march last year and received feb this year. It really is a cracker and i think worth the 20 quid over a standard one i paid. Not sure about paying 150 tho.

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QUOTE (Simon @ 9 Apr 2006, 12:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Stupid prices, well thats ebay all over these days i'm affraid. Now back when it started you really could get some bargains, but now so many people use it, it's become a farse.

Swings in round-abouts though. Why not sell some stuff yourself? Log on, list item, wait few days, proceed to collect stupid amount of money someone has paid you
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Its all a case of supply and demand - The shop knows that they have a few of these left and that a lot of people will want them. Therefore they can get whatever they ask for it. The shop should have done the decent thing and sold them at the same price as the others as they are not anymore special than the rest were. I thought as well that they had a reserve list in case of people not wanting one - Bit strange that they still have some!

Can imagine the phone call ... "Are you still interested in obtaining one of our Freightliner shanks ltd's ... Price has gone up to £150 as well ... *Silence from the other end * "

If it was priced the same as it was when they announced it I would have been on the phone ordering one, but i can not afford £150 for it - Its just too expensive (2 Hornby 60's that money could buy me instead!)
QUOTE (Jennings @ 9 Apr 2006, 14:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>(2 Hornby 60's that money could buy me instead!)

An arguably better model model as well
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I'd like to take issue with people blaming ebay for the silly prices people will pay for things. The seacows were fairly rare to begin with hence desirable, the tri-ang blue pullman coaches were bound to be in demand as you didn't get many sets running with 2 coaches, the same applies to the airfix mk2d standard opens. The anufacturers as dumb as it sounds made an equal number of each type of coach whether it be a first or second class or a brake. Now give that most train formations run with 1 or 2 first class coaches and brake coaches the standards are bound to fetch more. Its also why the carriage packs tend to go quicker than the train packs. I have seen at swopmeets prior to the relatively recent ebay explosion blue pullman carriages for £35-40 in fairly poor condition.
The only bargain prices to be had are when I'm selling things much to my annoyance.
>the same applies to the airfix mk2d standard opens. The anufacturers as dumb as it sounds made an equal number of each type of coach
My memory is that the Airfix Mk2d coaches were among the first RTR railway models they produced, a standard/brake and a first open. The latter was distinguished by having only 7 windows. For the first few years these were all you could get. As you say, a rake of Mk2ds would only have at most 2 1sts, so getting my hands on a standard was always something to watch. The one model I have is a GMR with a retailer's name on the price sticker that means nothing to me now. I think it was a newsagent and I bought it on the spot because I considered to be rare. So sum up, my recollection of the "shelf availability life span" of the two modesl suggests that considerably more standards than firsts were made.

I suppose thats the problem with Ebay in that when someone really wants an item they will pay whatever it is worth to them which may not neccessarily be what it is worth to someone else and the resulting oprice will be high.

I guess with Ebay you have to fix your price and not go beyond that and get sucked in to a bidding frenzy.

It is a bit of a concern that this may be the shape of things to come where limited edition runs are auctioned off rather than sold at a set price. This could really jack up the prices as collectors will pay substantially more than modellers.
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£150.00 for a Bachmann shed is a lot of money, especially when you can have two Hornby tugs for less than that and still have some change in your pocket!, I know which one I prefer!.
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Its probably too late now anyway as from what I heard they only had 3 left but that could be another ruse to sell them. Anyway bargain hunters I've just ordered a hornby class 50 in blue off the rails mailing list for a whopping £44.50 plus P&P. If you want a well priced Ltd edition 66 try their EWS and Freightliner ones for £80 each and tell Kernow to get stuffed.
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