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I'm sure I saw a review of the Class 66 sound somewhere, but can't find it. Anyone know where it is, or give me a quick review of the Class 66 with sound.

I have 3 US sound locos, Atlas dash 8(qsi), Spectrum 2-10-0 (Tsunami) and Kato F40 (digitrax), they sound and perform great (the kato is phenomenal and was £120 with custom sound, sounds better than the genuine clips I've seen / heard, just clip it in).

Heard a class 57 in my local shop sounded ok on idle but the horn sound like a toy car, and it just put me off UK sound models, is there a good uk sound diesel?

Part 2,
and while I'm here, is there a genuine Eurostar sound decoder out there, I just like Eurostar.

Thank you guys

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Piemanlarger has started a lot of topics on sound

Try this most recent one on the Hornby class 60 - link

If you want to read more, go to the members section, enter Pieman in the search box and hit go. Then click on the full name and select "Find members posts".

I am sure there have been topics on the 66. There are several sources. Our Eddie the Engine has an SWD sound chip and I wouldn't describe any of its horns as car horns.

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