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Bachmann class 66 - where have the lights gone?

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My children had a train each for Christmas (a Eurostar for one and a Pendalino for the other).
So it was only fair that Dad have a loco for the new layout.
This was a Bachmann "DCC Ready" class 66.

When it arrived, I tried it with a DC transformer and noticed it had a switch underneath which switched it's lights on and off.
Pretty neat I thought but when I added a DCC decoder, no lights.
Tried the switch in different settings, tried function keys "0" through "9", nothing.

Now the decoder was a Hornby and my controller is a Hornby "Select".
Is this a situation of the Hornby hardware not being unto to the job?

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A Bachmann "Eddie the Engine" class 66 arrived on our layout this Christmas. This is one of the 21 pin versions and it has a switch for lights underneath. Since it is such a simple sound conversion, we got an SWD class 66 21 pin sound decoder and fitted that straight away. Adding the 21 pin decoder has given us independent control of the cab light as well. (I ran the loco in with DC on a rolling road and the cab lights were on all the time). The switch underneath has not been touched.

In short, I think you are right to wonder why you have no lighting control. It works for us with this ESU LokSound decoder and ECoS control unit.

Did you put the decoder in the correct way? needs to be 3 function or above for this model. I put mine in the wrong way and the lighting diddnt work...
Hope this helps
With the 8 pole plug & socket this is a very common "fault" - the loco runs fine with the lights on DC but although it runs perfectly on DCC the lights do not. Reversing the plug usually cures the problem.

Usually D & E models go "forward" no.1 end first.
Thanks for all the replies I will try reversing the plug, in the loco, at the weekend.
sorry to jump this thread but how do you assertain which is the No 1 end?
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On a class 66, no.2 end is the radiator/cooler group end - not the normal no.1 end for UK built locos. This is standard US practise!!
QUOTE On a class 66, no.2 end is the radiator/cooler group end - not the normal no.1 end for UK built locos. This is standard US practise!!

That's useful to know. On Bachmann's "Eddie", there's a driver in the number 1 end as described above and the coupler is not fitted out of the box. I don't know what the other Bachmann 66s are like.

I stole the quote from this site

Might help with the lights problem too. :)
switching the mini plug around fixed the problem.

I've now got lights. thanks for the info.


Just one other thing the lights switch from white to red when the loco changes direction.
Can I have control over the lights or does this involve a lot of messing around with wires and things from the decoder?
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