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Bachmann class 66 - where have the lights gone?

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My children had a train each for Christmas (a Eurostar for one and a Pendalino for the other).
So it was only fair that Dad have a loco for the new layout.
This was a Bachmann "DCC Ready" class 66.

When it arrived, I tried it with a DC transformer and noticed it had a switch underneath which switched it's lights on and off.
Pretty neat I thought but when I added a DCC decoder, no lights.
Tried the switch in different settings, tried function keys "0" through "9", nothing.

Now the decoder was a Hornby and my controller is a Hornby "Select".
Is this a situation of the Hornby hardware not being unto to the job?

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On a class 66, no.2 end is the radiator/cooler group end - not the normal no.1 end for UK built locos. This is standard US practise!!
I stole the quote from this site

Might help with the lights problem too. :)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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