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Bachmann Collectors Club gripe

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Hi All

I'm a paid up member of the collectors club and even though I pay a £10 premium because I live outside the UK I'm the last to find out about the new club models, usually when they post the "sold out" message on their site or they appear on eBay. Having missed out now on Black Prince and the latest fairburn tank and not prepared to pay £100's on top of the origional price my I politely request that if there is an other bachmann club member reading this would you drop me an email when the next mag arrives with the order form so I can get in the next deisel model? my email addy is maltesephil "at", remove the obvious spam trap.

Thanks in advance

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Why can't they send out an email to all club members announcing club models - this would be the logical approach.
the lady i spoke to said it wasn't possible, i asked when the members site would be online, she didn't know
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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