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Bachmann Collectors Club Models

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Dose anybody know what the Bachmann Collectors Club Models will be for this season?

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Received the latest issue of the Bachmann Collectors Club Magazine last week in which the Collectors' Club Manager (Shirley Altman) stated that in future no special club editions will be advertised until they are actually in stock at Barwell. No details at the moment!!!

She also states that in future all Collectors' Club models will come with a limited edition certificate and goes on to say that they also appreciate that not all Club members are locomotive collectors so during the coming year they will be releasing an exclusive limited edition private owner wagon, one each from England, Scotland and Wales. Details are promised for the next edition of the magazine.

In addition all members will still get a free wagon - this year's will feature the Metropolitan Railway & Carraige & Wagon Company, Saltley Works, Birmingham.

Finally she says that they are adjusting the publishing schedule of the magazine so that it will arrive earlier than in previous years, closer to the release date of the annual catalogue. Seems as though someone at Barwell has been listening........
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The Bachmann special Edition Loco for 00 appears to be an Ivatt Mucky Duck in weathered BR black
The weathered Ivatt Mucky Duck was last years Collectors' Model - they were supposed to do half the run weathered and the other half pristine but the factory made them all weathered.......

This year the Club is offering these models as an incentive for early subscription renewal - a draw will be held for each 1000 renewals with a Mucky Duck (or N gauge Cl.47 Pride of Toton) being the prize.

Reading between the lines it would appear that they have a surplus of this limited edition - maybe those who ordered the pristine version rejected the weathered version?

Diesel wise I suppose it is most likely to be a 37 or 47
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QUOTE (37197 @ 29 Jun 2006, 16:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Diesel wise I suppose it is most likely to be a 37 or 47

Hmm...- let's start the fun. shall we?

I think that it is silly that Bachmann don't intend to tell us what they are going to produce- who knows, they may produce a total flop withot knowing it before releasing it to us!
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Who cares. Most will end up on ebay anyway. The only ones they ever shift well are oddball liveries anyway. The clas 08 they did a couple of years back in mucky blue ended up in virtually every shop and on every stall in the country after all.
Nice to see limited edition steam loco's for a change though considering the overkill of diesels in recent times, not just from the collectors club of course.
My bets would be on either a NSE or intercity liveried class 47 (Weathered as well).

Steam wise not a clue so i'll pass on that ...

N guage wise i doubt it'll be another 60 (They still have not released the one from last year yet!). My money would go on it being 57601 in porterbrook livery.
I think last years OO offering 57601 in Porterbrook livery was great. Unusual enought to be of interest.

Just trying to think of any other unusal offerings they could go for.
If its a one off livery you want then they could do worse than 47522 Doncaster Enterprise in the LNER Green livery with parcels branding. Thats assuming they can get the mouldings for the flush ends done.
I notice that the modelzone are offering 47163 with union jacks and silver roof so it won't be that one I think it will probably a 47/7 in either fragonset or cotswols rail livery i doubt they'd do a green or blue one as a collectors club model
You mean they won't be doing the same colours as the general release? Well that would be a first , following on from the class 37 and 40.
well they did the 57 in porterbrook livery which was not a livery for general release so logic dictates that they will put something out that is in contrast to the general releases.

they might do the 108 instead of a loco however having thought it through I think it will be a sound chipped loco to coincide with their first soundchip releases
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