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Bachmann Collectors Club Special Edition

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Had my magazine and catalogue this morning. A much better idea to tie the two in. Special edition Class 66 advertised in Freightliner livery. Will it go as quickly as the last two Bachmann specila editions ?
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Probably not. Look at the rails ones in freightliner and EWS last year and railways illustrated one,the rails ones are still for sale, the other was until a while ago and may still be for all I know. My bet would be the medite one from model rail will shift quicker, not even in the magazine but on their website as here already and there's one on ebay as we speak.
the latest bachmann lt ed 66 isnt on my shopping list, I would have thought they would know better than releasing what is essentially just a standard livery loco, albeit with a name and number not found elsewhere. I think with the exception of black prince any of the recent (last 12 months or so) ltd eds with standard liveries cab be bought still. I'm thinking of modelzones deltics, harburns meld, The Hereford Model Centre 57, Rails 66's and even Bachmanns Club flying pigs all of which can still be had
I must confess my thought is,that for a limited edition you would want it to be a little different and it isn't really. I bought the purple porterbrook because it is unusual.
Good news is magazine and catalogue on there way! Sounds like Bachmann are quick off the mark this year!

They are doing too many Freightliner versions anyway, plus the Rails and Railways Illustrated ones already released. The Limited edition is just another!

DRS 66's are being overdone too, but GBRf have had only one so far????

I'm suprised at the lack of EWS versions. I would have thought they could do a new one every year and it would sell.

As for a limited edition club model, why not Metronet?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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