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Bachmann confirm DCC fitted decoder.

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Due to speculation on various web forums, Bachmann have clarified the type of decoder to be factory fitted to forthcoming releases.

The recently announced 3 function decoder with Back EMF (2 digit addressing only) is indeed the fitted item!

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QUOTE (Ravenser @ 8 Sep 2006, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Hornby Select will cost about £70 for the system (undiscounted - what certain box shifters will actually sell it for, I don't know)Despite the previously announced price rise, the "box shifters" are still offering the Elite for between £90 and £ 95. My local dealer reconds he'll sell it for £92.
The Select is around £45 to £50 .

QUOTE (Ravenser @ 8 Sep 2006, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Roco Lokmaus 2 is certainly much better than the current Bachmann EZ system (99 addresses not 10, moderate programming , and control of 4 functions not one ). But as Gary points out you can't walk into a shop and buy a Lokmaus - Roco only ever sold it as part of a set , so you've got to start buying on ebay from Germany to get one as a system.There are Roco dealers in the UK who sell the Start-sets, some sold the DCC system separately.
Academic now as the vastly superior MultiMouse has replaced that model.
Buying from Germany via the on-line shopping is no different to buying from Hattons or Rails. There are non of the hassles of buying from the USA.

QUOTE (Ravenser @ 8 Sep 2006, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I can see retailers breaking sets and selling train and Select separately, I can see the set appealing to modern image modellers as a conversion pack- "buy a Pendolino and get a cheap DCC system as a bonus", and I can see Selects appearing on the second hand market from sets.Cheapest way to get a MultiMouse, buy the set and split it. Could cost you as little as £25 to £40 for the DCC stuff!

QUOTE (Ravenser @ 8 Sep 2006, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Its also worth pointing out that until recently DCC was almost an underground movement in the UK , with very little advertising beyond "we sell Lenz" "we offer Digitrax", and very few retailers actually stocking the stuff. Now the likes of Bachmann, Hornby and Gaugemaster are involved you can walk into almost any model shop and find some DCC - increasingly more than one company's DCC productsSoon every Hornby dealer will be selling DCC equipment.
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QUOTE Cheapest way to get a MultiMouse, buy the set and split it. Could cost you as little as £25 to £40 for the DCC stuff!

I juts ordered one from Modelbahn Kramm it's costing me 75 Euros and it isn't part of a starter set. However the starter set is well worth considering as it gives you a loco and coaches for next to nothing.
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