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Funny you should say this, Zach, because only this weekend I have been spending precious time and thought on experimenting with this very issue. Sadly, I don't have any advice to impart, but I have certainly found reliable coupling problematic (oo-er missus)

Bachmann's coupler heights on wagons, especially, do seem very erratic. I know that's a factor, as they slip under or over whatever they're coupled to. Heljan's small tension lock (on their 47) is too loose and feeble to reliably propel Hornby Mk 3s. In fact the shank actually bent on mine. Hornby and Peco uncoupling ramps have different degrees of compatibility/effectiveness with different stock. And so it goes on.

The really wearisome part is the time and effort it's going to take to identify and fix each combination of problems. I have got hold of some Kadees and want to experiment with those, at some point.

Another idea I want to try is to use fixed rakes, e.g., joined by instanter or screw-couplings, topped and tailed with whatever turns out to be the best "operational" coupling method attached at each end.

As many wiser and older hands have observed, "Standards" seem to be a pretty hard thing to come by in UK 00/4mm scale these days. I'm beginning to understand why some people lament the old days and the Big Fat & Ugly ™ tension lock couplings.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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