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I have had a train
load of trouble with Bachamnn wagons derailing going over Hornby points. It doesnt matter what loco pushes/pulls them bachmann orHornby as soon as they hit pointsoff they come. To be fair its when I use points to form a cross over from one circuit to another to form a sort of 'S' shape. Hornby wagons and Dapol ones go over no problem. I have eventually solved it by replacing the couplings with Hornby'D' shape ones. I also have a Bachmann loco its a class 56XX, beautifull mover (DCC) but oh dear anywhere near points as above and any wagons it has derail. So in the end I have replaced the coupling with a Hornby, result? perfect over any shape points even pulling 8 wagons at atime. Has anyone else had this problem?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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