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QUOTE (Great Northerner @ 2 Jun 2006, 03:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Anyone fitted a decoder into one? I have lots of LE1014s and I'm hoping there will be room at the front of the loco. Loking at the Bachmann web site the exploded diagram appears to show a plastic holder for the decoder.

BTW what do they run like in general? Any problems? I'm hoping to buy one next week.

Already done two one with a Lenz Gold and the other with an NCE N12SRP. When you go to take the body off there's only one screw up the front but there are a couple of little clips uder the cab that have to be pushed up to get the body to release. Just watch then as they were kinda stuck with paint on my second one. There is a plastic holder for the decoder and a weight and you have to remove the weight to get the decoder in. It's similar for the K3 and the Ivatt class 4 with the accompaning loss of hauling ability. It's minor but annoying just the same. By using the NCE N12SRP which is a very small decoder I was able to squeeze in a bit of weight which has improved the hauling ability. I now intend to do the same thing on the k3 and the Ivatt.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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