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Bachmann customer service loco instructions update

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I was just looking on the Bachmann website and I noticed that they have more upto date instructions of the exploded diagrams as well as how to fit the accessory parts and also how to dcc each individual loco. They have the new class 47, voyager, class 66 to name a few.

I assume the fact that they have included the new 47 loco in the instructions means that it can't be long before it is going to be released.

Good on Bachmann to finally get the how-to and locations of where the parts go on the locos.
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It amazes me why Bachmann cant include an instruction seet with the locos most of my Kato/life like/atlas/walthers N gauge locos come with an exploded diagram it would be a nice compliment n their locos ...... also very handy if the purchaser doesnt have access to the internet, notice on the link Kain you have to have your lamps focused when viewing the windows

Thank you for posting the link.
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To be honest nick when I messaged Bachmann a few months ago to ask them when and if they would be including instructions they did say it was something they were looking at and although they hadn't until now done it I bet most if not all the new stock that should be winging it's way over here with the relevant paperwork included. The only thing that is going to be a problem is getting the stock that is already over here to have the instructions but I bet if you are really stuck or don't have internet access then I bet speaking to your local supplier they would be happy to try and get you a copy of them from bachmann or even download them form the site.
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