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The following press statement is from the Bachmann Website:
QUOTE Bachmann E-Z Command 3 function decoder

Bachmann Europe Plc has today released further information on its new 3 function decoder. Over the last couple of weeks the subject of our new decoder has been a hot topic and the tone of much of the comment has frequently generated more heat than light. We, therefore, want to state our intentions and clarify some points.

Bachmann listened to customer feedback of the decoder that has so far been used in the US 'DCC Onboard' range and in our own train sets and we felt that a decoder with superior power control was needed. We were able to provide a decoder that offered high frequency PWM for quiet drive, back EMF for superb slow running and function button control over selection of the inertia and a low shunting speed. This is impressive performance for a decoder in this price bracket and is affordable in a DCC Onboard product (something else customers tell us they want).

The decoder supports short addresses. It does not support advanced consisting. We believe that this decoder is the best way to deliver our DCC On Board range at a competitive price. It's a brand new design tailored to the requirements of the European market where generally loco numbers are five- or six-digit. New European DCC equipment is now including a 'loco name' feature which can be used to display all of the locomotive running number, rather than just the last four digits, to be used as an identifier on such equipment.

The enhanced performance of this decoder over that previously available means it is our choice for the DCC On Board range where possible. In practice, from the Bachmann Branchline range, this will be models other than the Jinty and Pannier - where space constraints require the narrow variant of Bachmann decoder to be installed. The DCC On Board range will feature a factory fitted decoder plugged into the socket.
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