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QUOTE (alan p @ 8 Feb 2009, 16:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi

Purchased a DCC head and tail lights from Express Models stand yesterday at Stafford railway show. I have fitted it and only the domino lights work in the direction of travel. It has tail lights but they don't come on. Now the instruction manual says the unit allows head and tail lights to work independantly using 4 functions. It also says that directional lights should be disabled.
Not I have a Loksound decoder and am kind a lost trying to disable the directional lighting as I think I have to operate all lights individually.

At the moment I haven't disabled anything so the head lights come on for the direction of travel. But tail lights not on at the rear.

Can someone help me with this please......

Hi Alan
While this my seem like trying to teach you to suck eggs, I assume you have tried each of the four function controls? As you have a four function decoder and wired the decoder for individual functions, then normally F0 through to F3 will switch on/off each, though they are user selectable between F0 and F15 e.g. mapping. That's assuming you have used all the four wires from the decoder - Blue common positive to all LEDs Anode and then White, Yellow, Green and Purple wires to the individual (or pairs of) LEDs Cathode connections.
By doing this you can then turn on/off unwanted lights at will. e.g. Turn off the locos red rear lights when pulling a train.

I have always found Express Models DCC lighting kits to be ideal and well worth their cost, as they are normally made for a specific loco or unit. The PCBs the LEDs are mount on them fitting directly where the illumination is needed!
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