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Bachmann diesel and DCC

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I need some advice before I start buying?
How good are Bachmann diesel in terms of silent and slow running? What about quality control?
Are the factory chipped locos good or do they fit cheap and poor decoders?
Any comments most welcome!
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I have 6 of the new 66's in various liveries. 1 of the 45's, and 2 of the 57's

They are quiet powerful locos but..

One keeps throwing drive shafts
one has pick-up problems
one doesn't seem to like staying on the track
and the 57's are top heavy and tend to topple when de-railed

I use bachmanns re-badged lenz chips in all of them, partly due to price but mostly as i figure they are the chips bachmann would have been using when they developed the locos so they should work well together.

I'm impressed but i think the Hornby efforts are better.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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