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Not sure which one will come out on top however:-

Bachmann . Had E-Z DCC out for 2 years now. I believe using Lenz technology. NMRA compatible. No major issues on introduction. Have developed a range of Diesel sound locos . Have declared their ambitions to develop DCC while not leaving out Analogue users.

Hornby. Select unit out from November. Entirely new design using a third party company. Not NMRA compliant (no certificate) but stated to be built to NMRA standards and Elite unit being tested now. Significant problems in Select unit being able to program other decoders. R8215 decoder very low spec- some reports of it not having enough amps to start some existing Hornby locomotives. Hornby announce new Sapphire decoder. Hornby badly botched introduction of DCC declaring all new locos DCC Fitted (they thought they would run on DC) and ignoring their analogue users. Had to subsequently reverse decision and state locos would be made in DC and DCC versions.

So haven't seen Dynamis or Elite units so far , but which coompany has better track record so far.........

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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