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I've got an advanced order in for the Elite unit and providing it does what Hornby say it will I'll be a happy chap. The Dynamis' spec sheet suggests that it will be the superior piece of kit, especially regarding it's address memory, 9999 vs 256 for Elite.But the "built to be handled by 5 year olds" look of the Elite seems a little more friendly than the Dynamis' more tecno wizz appearance. So I'll wait with fingers crossed that Hornby sort all the bugs out soon and I end up with a simple & reliable unit to get started in this DCC lark.
From a comparison point of view I'd imagine the less intimidating of the two will end up being the most popular,but you can never be sure of these things. For the sake of the hobby I hope both end up being completely successful from an operating & sales point of view.
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