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Looks like bachmann's new dcc system is going to be a challenger in the dcc stakes, spoke with a local dealer who was at the toy fair and has seen bachmann's system working he was very impressed.
Unit is quite small but appears to have good features,if the price is under £100 it can only be good for dcc,hornby will have to get the elite up to same spec.
I have seen the elite at a hornby demo last nov and to be fair to hornby it worked ok but since then they have had troubles, time will tell who has the better system,nothing like a bit of competion.
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>Are DECT phones on this too?

Given that the OS underneath the ECoS is Linux, and the ready availability of WiFi components and software drivers, the ECoS wireless unit could use WiFi to create the link. If ESU didn't want the wireless unit to "pop up" in full view other wireless networks, then an alternative could be to use the DECT protocol. My point is that there are several communications protocols "out there" that are designed to co-exist on the 2.4GHz carrier frequency, so there shouldn't be a problem.

>I've had to change the channel of my home network a few times to maintain a good connection due to neighbours installing their networks and not knowing how to do it themselves.

A colleague at work has WiFi problems at home which they think are due to a neighbour's wireless alarm system - ie the kind where the sensors are battery powered and use wireless to talk to the central box. They think their signal is being "swamped" by the alarm system.

>both should be able to talk to each other and operate alongside each other!
The way DCC is meant to be! Hurrah for both if this happens.

>I'd sell for a Zimo unit
The Zimo feature I like is the track side units which transmit speed information to the locos so that if you go past a caution signal for example, the loco will respond and slow down.

1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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