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Looks like bachmann's new dcc system is going to be a challenger in the dcc stakes, spoke with a local dealer who was at the toy fair and has seen bachmann's system working he was very impressed.
Unit is quite small but appears to have good features,if the price is under £100 it can only be good for dcc,hornby will have to get the elite up to same spec.
I have seen the elite at a hornby demo last nov and to be fair to hornby it worked ok but since then they have had troubles, time will tell who has the better system,nothing like a bit of competion.
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QUOTE (bangerblueed @ 26 Jan 2007, 20:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the lower the price the lower the spec.
Except that these cheaper systems offer something that Lenz does not (at least under their own name) --- a modern user interface.
QUOTE (Doug @ 27 Jan 2007, 13:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>2.4 GHz is a licence free band. A few years ago it was largely empty, but now it is getting full.
The same appears to be true of all the 'free' bands. We have an audio sender that operates at 868MHz (another ISM band) and that doesn't work as well now as it once did. Regardless of which band is chosen, a simple transmission protocol isn't going to work well. Fortunately the cost of channel hopping/ wide band techniques has come down. Manual selection of channel would be frustrating and should be unnecessary these days.
QUOTE (Ozzie21 @ 28 Jan 2007, 11:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My Wangrow System One which is 10 yrs old can handle 6 locos at one time on one throttle,
Gary means the Elite has two knobs which you could use (left and right hands) to simultaneously change the speed of two locos. I don't think your system has 6 knobs (or that you have the appropriate number of hands either).
QUOTE (Gary @ 29 Jan 2007, 10:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Am I right or wrong?
I think "product of many countries" would be more accurate. Finance from A, concept from B, design from C, manufactured in D and marketed in E.
The use of national labelling for products which are not entirely of that country is rather common and diminishes the concept.
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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