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I have been using Lenz Dcc 100 set for about 3 years with my sound chipped diesel (and steam this year), but after just a couple of hours piddling about with the dynams this morning to say I am impressed is an understatement!

Instructions are not too complicated or long. Set up took 5 mins, opted for the plug and my own coloured cable to track feed.
No problems with signal, unless i let the handset point down while not in use. Power seemed to be cut very quickly, about 10 seconds so I have altered this setting (Edit track timeout) to never cut power

Display is great, though the letter I have found are easier to read as capitals.
Adjusted brightness and display time so it stays on longer. No dought this will shorten batery life but I will get rechargables and have spare sets.

Have used four sound chipped locos running at the same time with no probs.
Changed the loco id to "Tractor" and the 5 digit tops address for three class 37 and put in "Shed" 66200 for a shed.

Very usefull feature when scrolling through looking for a particular loco.

Changed function setting to latch for things like horns and other momentry sounds, buffer clash etc.

So far, found 28 speed steps give the results i want with sound locos.

Not done consist yet as most of my chips need cv changes, this i will do on seperate test tack but with lenz set!

Changed "stop" mode so only the loco i am about to crash stops. this is a feature that is really a big bonus for sound users.

Not sure what Joystick speed deley and Joystick speed repeat do?
Any one got ideas?

About the only thing the lenz has over this of use (apart from programing track at the mo) is the higher speed jump buttons (ie + 8 speed steps). I wonder if i tinker with the joystick speed deley will it do something simular?

So far, very very impressed and will definatley add at least another handset for show use. Dont think i will need another reciver as the layout is only 10 ft long.
I baught this as a back up the lenz, I have a funny feeling the lenz is about to become back up though!

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QUOTE (wiggy25 @ 15 Dec 2007, 22:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just some possible useful information:-

I don't own a Dynamis but reading other forums have found out some tips and possibly good advice.

1. Some users are reporting a loss of signal between handset and receiver, to overcome this they have turned the timeout setting to 'NEVER'
It has also been suggested that if you are using the system in a room which has the low energy type light bulbs in that these can cause a problem.
These type of lights also give out infra-red light which can cause a problem, it has been suggested that you replace the bulb with a standard light bulb.

2. Some one has fried the receiver, they think they may have shorted out the pins on the base of the unit, he has had it replaced, but is putting some insulation tape over these pins.

Like I say I have no idea if any of this makes sense as I don't own one, but thought I would post it for other owners reference and possible solutions if any are having problems.


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