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Good Day All,

I received 6 Bachmann EZ (36-553) decoders to install in Locos. Fitted 2 and tested them on the track and they worked fine, The third one was a difficult installation. Put this on the track and its top speed performance is poor, about ¼ of what it should be. (I forgot to say that the locos were all serviced and operate fine in DC). So I put it on the programming track and checked CV5 and found it was at ½ its range so I put it to its max. Thinking that it would solve the issue I put it on the track and still the same. Again back to the programming track and checked out the default value CV8 of the chip and it was at 151, so I reverted it back to 8. Back to the track and again still the same. Installed another chip and the exact same result.
Put the first 2 locos that operated fine on the track on the programming track and CV8 was for both 151. Ran them on the track, one performed poorly and the second OK.
Took another chip and put it on my tester. CV8 is 151. You cannot change a CV value. You can change it on the hand unit and it takes it. But when you look back to verify that it has changed it hasn't.
Is a bad batch of decoders? Or has anyone experienced this?

PS I use a Lenz 100

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*** Hi

CV8 is the manufacturer number. Whilst resetting asks you to write CV8 to 8, it triggers a reset but does NOT change CV8 - it will always stay at the manufacturers number when read.

re CV's 2, 4 and 6. (Vmin, Vmid and Vmax) the "No influence" default maximum for all of them is actually zero. This is the safest way to set to max everything, as depending on brand then max could be either 64 or 255.

If you want to set to a universally comfortable set of figures for most loco's without restricting top speed, then try Mmax at whatever instructions say is max, and Vmid at 2/3 of that number.

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