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QUOTE On the decoder location front, Bachmann's announcement for the 2MT quietly included the information that the socket would be in the tender. I feel that is very welcome news, particularly if there is a good electrical connector between loco and tender, of similar quality to that on Hornby's Britannia. It should be much easier to access a socket, and install a decoder within the roomy plastic box of a tender, as compared to the confines of a boiler. If really well executed on a larger tender type, it would be quite possible to have access from below, or within the coal space, or under a lift out rear deck. Hopefully it will be generally well received, and we may see more models where the decoder space and socket are readily accessible with minimal, if any, dismantling required.

I would also like to see some tender pick-ups.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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