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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 5 May 2008, 11:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Got to agree with everyone about those couplers - they are truely awful !

Thing is, do the manufactures leave the couplings off for the publicity shot or not ? IMHO it would be better to leave them off with maybe a smaller "balloon" pic just showing the front end so modellers can see.

Otherwise it looks a fine model & I look forward to Richard doing a "back to back" with the Brassmasters ones.

The decoder socket in the tender is long overdue & a great improvement.

Although prefering things "Southern" it is a nice change to see a model from "north of Watford".

That coupler does look unsightly to say the least- it's moments like that when I ask myself why I'm still using the damn things....

That's looking promising though- oddly enough, amongst all of the attention-grabbing diesel releases lined up for the next year or so the new model I'm most looking forward to is the G2- that front tension lock is definitely coming off mine as soon as it's out of the box though....
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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