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Bachmann LNWR G2 "super D"

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Seen here is the most recent engineering sample of the forthcoming Branchline G2 steam locomotive. This exciting new OO scale product will now be the first Branchline Steam locomotive model to incorporate a 21 pin decoder socket which has the advantage that 21 pin decoders fit directly into the socket with no need for a wiring harness. Please note that the Branchline catalogue has showed the G2 models as being offered with an 8 pin decoder socket. The DCC socket is located in the tender.

The Branchline G2 models are provided with a Bowen-Cooke style tender that will feature a new adjustable close tender coupling system. The model will be available with or without the tender back cab. A high lever of cab control detail is incorporated in the design along with the prototypical flangeless driving wheels. Recommended retail prices start at £90.25 and is due to be available from your local model shop from mid September.

Also Recently received by Bachmann UK is a sample of the forthcoming Branchline VDA van. This all new tooling will provide an accurate model of this numerous prototype. Introduced in the mid 1970's, these versatile vans can still be seen in use on all parts of the current railways network

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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 9 May 2008, 12:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The apparent absence of the gaurd irons on the model would explain some of the emptiness.



I have checked with Bachmann, the missing objects, i.e. the guard irons, will be supplied as a separate photo-etch part for fixing by the purchaser.


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