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I have the following 3 Bachmann locos to chip.

108 DMU
Fairburn 2-6-4t

I have, to hand, the following Lenz decoders

2 x Silver, with plugs
1 x Mini gold, sans plug
2 x 1024E, with plugs

Can anyone please advise which of these decoders should be used with these locos.

One point I have noticed is that the plug on the Silver decoder has thicker pins than the plug on the gold mini and will therefor not fit into the socket on the Fairburn, the only loco I have dismantled so far.

Because there are only 4 wires on the Fairburn I am prepared to solder direct to this.

Any adice appreciated

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See Doug's review on the 9F for how he installed a decoder. I used a Zimo MX63R in mine as it slightly smaller than a Lenz Gold.

A word of advice on the 9F. Take great care with the "copper coils" down each side of the 8 pin socket. I somehow managed to dislodge one of them so that the motor wouldn't run until I had reattached it.

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