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Bachmann Ltd Ed 57 601 Porterbrook livery

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Hi All. Noticed this on MREMAG so got straight on to Bachmann. Basically they have a few models left at their normal selling price so if you join the collectors club and order one today you save loads on buying one on eBay. They have some other ltd ed models available too. The nice lady (sorry if you're reading this i didn't note your name) said there is some other interesting stuff coming over the year which will be in the collectors mag. You'll get a wagon in n or oo and a calendar too.
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I really don't understand the people paying over £100 for these on EBay at the moment. It is £67.50 from the club and it costs £17 to join thats £84.50 for a very collectable and interesting model. I shan't be selling mine but I admit to being tempted to buy another one to sell as I could make a nice profit by just moving it along.

Perhaps Bachmann ought to consider limiting the issue to one per member until they are sold or do they do that now ?
I thought it was 1 per member until after a sufficent time had passed whereby those who have 1 could order another if they wanted.
The lady I spoke to did say something along the lines of if they don't sell out their ltd editions to members they'll let the likes of MREMAG know to prompt more people to join and order at their original price.
I thought if they didn't sell out they passed the remainder onto shops to sell, like the mucky shunter last year. I might have to join the collectors club i think. Its scandalous the amount these"collectors" ask for limited editions on ebay. I think that bachmann should keep track of who has what cert number and if they repeatedly sell on ebay they should be told to bugger off in future. Incidentally does anyone know how many there are in a collectors club run?
Its usually 500 i think.

Thats the only benefit of the Hornby Collectors Club - Each limited editioin comes with a personalised certificate making it of more value to you, but not for someone else to buy.
It was 750 for 57601, thats what the magazine said.
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