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Bachmann Mk1 Coaches

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I've had a partial rake of Maroon Bachmann Mk1s in operation for some time, but added several new ones recently.

A reorganisation of my fiddle yard and relocation of train sets highlighted a problem with the bogies on these.

One of my new SKs kept derailing and on further investigation there is enormous play in the outer axlebox of one of the bogies to the extent that the wheels almost drop out. Has anybody else come across this problem? I will need to 'fill' the axlebox and remake the hole, or fit brass inserts. On checking some of the other bogies the outer axles on several are not much better!
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I've got a dozen MK1s purchased over the last 18 months or so, but don't have your problem. Mine are coupled in two sets using the Bachmann close-coupling supplied with them. My only problem is using Kadees on the outer ends of the sets as the NEM pockets are a tad too high.

Bachmann do sell replacement bogies at around £2.50 a pair if you want to save a bit of time.
Not seen that problem in any of my forty odd examples bought fairly steadily since they were introduced up to late last year. If these were a new purchase, then the retailer is your first port of call, as an inability to stay on the rails clearly makes them unfit for purpose. If the retailer cannot do a direct exchange for equivalent coaches, presumably Bachmann can supply replacement bogies to exchange.
I've contacted Bachmann over the problem and hopefully they will supply new bogie frames.
Do you think your problem indicates a wider quality control issue or just a one-off?
I had the same problem with some Bachmann made Liliput coaches - one phone call to Bachmann & a new set of bogies arrived in a couple of days - full marks for good service.
I know it is dangerous to surmise, but this sort of problem with a one piece moulded component is usually a result of too short a dwell time in the mould between injection of the polymer and ejection of the piece.
As usual I think it is a quality control problem. I am assuming that the holes for the axle ends are moulded in at the same time as the rest of the bogie frame is produced and it would seem that these holes are rather oversize in a number of cases. With the axles being the pinpoint type the more play there is the more damage is done to the hole as the vehicle runs.

I think you are right 34C as on further study of the components it looks as if the inside of the bogie frames are badly moulded.
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