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Returning to the modelling scene after a 20-year break. Blimey - how some things have moved on (Gaugemaster Duo RIP - hello DCC!)

Browsing on-line retailers, I'm impressed that many coaches are offered in more than one running number. Which leads me to my question:

I've procured a Replica ref 12136 Mk1 FO running number Sc3102

Of the Bachmann Mk1 range, can anyone here shed light on which (if any) product ref suffix denotes an "Sc" numbered vehicle, for the following:

SK maroon SO maroon CK maroon FK maroon RMB maroon BSK maroon


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My experience of Bachmann Mk 1 coaches is that the product code for a particular coach - say SO blood & custard - will start with an A suffix for the first batch. The next batch will have a different running number and a B suffix and so on. I do not know of a product code where the suffix code bears any relationship to the running numbers region. As a 50s ER modeller, I try to keep tabs on Blood & Custard / Maroon running numbers vs product codes. I take this to such an extent that I have a list in my wallet just in case I encounter a model shop. I would hate to have two coaches the same when there is the chance to have two different

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