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Bachmann mk1 pullman

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Just got one of the new pullmans from bachmann 39-310 the parlour second. The table lights are a nice touch but some seem brighter than others. Overall its better than the hornby in my opinion and stays attached to the loco on corners!! I'm now in a dilemma as to whether or not to buy the others now or waitfor the hadrian bar to come out.

Looks like i picked the right one cos acccording to the bachmann website its sold out already. If anyone wants one cheap i'd suggest going to rails of sheffield's website and signing up to their bargain mailing list service.
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Can anyone point me to a direct comparison of the Hornby and Bachmann Pullmans, please?
With a substantial price difference that is maybe worth it, but maybe not, I would very much value further informed opinions.
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