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Just joined the group this morning following a link to this thread. These 9F pictures certainly show up a great more detail of these forthcoming models especially the single chimney version. I have always a wanted a work worn Tyne Dock variant therefore I am looking forward to this Bachmann release more so than any other. Apart from the body which to me looks kinda spot on it is the chassis which draws ones attention and appears light years on from the albeit aging Hornby version.

The side view of Evening Star model reveals a chassis which just appears so prototypical with wheels and valve gear that have the right look about them and of course the representation of the lubricator linkage

Anyone who started their modelling with Kitmaster or Airfix 9F kits should be in seventh heaven with this release. That DJH kit will never be built now

Gary thanks for the taking the effort to share these images. It was a pleasure to view them as they provide a further insight to those already available on the Bachmann site which in themselves were enough to take ones breath away.

Kind regards
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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