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I'd have thought a retooled B1 would be a much more obvious candidate than a rival B12. And I think a lot of people will be expressing disappointment if neither the B1 nor the V2 is announced for retooling

Original Patriot as the "tit for tat". Maybe an original Scot. No doubt there will be more DCC and probably sound. Maybe a Standard 2 . It wouldn't be a Bachmann announcement without it being top heavy with LMS and BR standard steam

A 68 is premature - licencing ties etc are not negotiated that fast.I can't see a rejigged Warship as a priority. You would expect a diesel model - either a shunter (retool of 04/03??) or a follow up DMU to the 108. Or it might just be release of the 108 as a power twin

City of Truro would be an NRM special so could not be announced at the Toy Fair . If it were to happen , an announcement would probably be in the autumn of the relevant year. They haven't even got the Deltic into people's hands yet

With luck the 150 will surface by the end of the year - though if we don't see a preproduction model by Ally Pally even that is doubtful . I can't see the 4-CEP this year. Maybe the Super D for Warley. Not sure what else is outstanding
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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