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Graham Farish used to do an OO range which Bachmann presumably have inherited.

As part of that OO range Graham Farish offered for sale the Liveway track system which had OO scale sleepers. It was not a set track and it was based around a flexible track type offering with points etc in the range. It was Code 100. The patent number for the track is 588775 and presumably Bachmann have control of Graham Farish patents.

If Bachmann do not wish to use the moulds maybe they should consider selling them to somebody who does?

Or have the moulds been destroyed or are they worn or not capable of being used with current technology?

Or is the OO market for scale track really too small to sustain production on the sort of scale required to make any possible effort in this direction worthwhile?

Any thoughts?

Happy modelling

PS I am looking at some Liveway track right now and it got me thinking!
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