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I think the moulds must be 40 years old. Liveway's been off the market for thirty years

The story goes that one year (I think 1977) old man Farish went to the Toy Fair. This was the year Airfix, Mainline , and Rivarossi all announced new models of the Royal Scot in OO (Actually I think Rivarossi's was HO , and unrebuilt)

Old man Farish was so shocked he was still shaking his head when he got into the factory next moring .

"They've gone mad" he told his people. "We're getting out of OO completely".

Within 18 months all Grafar's OO stuff had been discontinued, and they did nothing but N ever after

Within 4 years Airfix and Mainline had both folded , Rivarossi's British stuff had vanished into the mists, and surplus Scots were being dumped by the liquidators through every available outlet for a tenner and were destorying the market for OO RTR locos

This year both Bachmann and Hornby have announced Rebuilt Royal, Scots - in Bachmann's case to replace the original inherited model

I suspect reintrodued Liveway might well sell .

But did any of Grafar's OO tooling reach Bachmann ? In the circumstances , it may well have been sent for scrap in the early 80s.....
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