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QUOTE (gdaysydney @ 13 Dec 2007, 23:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I often ponder on the reasons why some people buy a model and then leave it in a box or on display where it won't collect dust or fade because the value may be diminished.

I have a few friends who collect model trains from a certain period - not as an investment but for the sheer joy of looking at the models on display -this I can understand.
But to buy a model that was purposely made to move along a track as an "investment" and to leave it in its box for "X" years with the view that its value will increase - this I struggle with. ( Not that I have any objection - as it adds another group of buyers that make the production of models more viable for the RTR manufacturers.)

In answer to Gary's original question I would ask "Which of the two companies is going to bring out the more interesting models? ' as I suggest that its the model that makes it a collectible not the manufacturer - merely having a "limited edition" does not make it a certain to become a good investment - take the prices now paid for the original Blue Pullmans as an example - who would have predicted that 30 odd years ago? On the other hand the more recent Heljan class 47 "Windsor Castle" limited edition is currently available at well under the original asking price.

Me - I sometimes buy "collectibles" or "limited editions to run on my layout because its the model I have been looking for - its my hobby

To be honest, I sometimes have trouble equating the 'buy it as an investment and keep it in it's box because the value will increase' approach with being a collector- I'm a modeller (not just of railways...) AND a collector (diecast cars- also a modeller as I sometimes modify and repaint, as well as building kits), and I collect because I'm interested in the models and the actual vehicles they're based on. Yes, much of my collection is still packed away in its' boxes, simply because I don't have cabinet space to display the lot, and I know that some of them have increased in value, but for me that's not the reason I collect.

I suspect some of those of who buy limited editions and either hide them away in the hope the value will increase, or stick them on EBay in the hope of making a quick profit would be as happy doing the same with model buses, doll's houses or anything else they think might be worth a few quid in 20 years time....
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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