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Interesting debate, I come from a family of collectors (I think it's in the blood now) but most of what they collected were static, i.e. stamps, model vechicles etc, these were meant to be a display case not running round a layout, and occasionally coming to grief or just plain wearing out.
We have the best of both worlds with very detailed models now made by both Hornby and Bachmann that look good in a display case but in my opinion look better pulling a rake of coaches on a layout.
I guess if you want something to put in a display case there are coal or porcelin models which look like they've used the same moulds as Hornby.
On the Hornby / Bachmann issue I to think it will be Bachmann due to there being less made and therefore less "preserved" than Hornby.
Does anyone know how Mainline or Airfix GMR models fair on the collectors market, not that I have any but they are two companies no longer around, although the models still are being made by Hornby or Bachmann for the most part.

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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