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SR N Class 2-6-0 locomotives

Bachmann Europe Plc has been contacted by a number of customers who have SR N Class locomotives which have distorted running plates. These plates are cast and warping has taken place which has been caused by an impurity in the metal.

The problem is confined to one of the early batches produced in BR mixed traffic black in 1998 and anyone who has a locomotive with this problem should contact our service department. Replacement running plates will be supplied free of charge.

Our Service Department has been awaiting replacement running plates for sometime but it has only now become possible to find production capacity at the factory to produce a very small quantity of components.

Replacement running plates for these locomotives will go on to the production line when the factory resumes work after the Chinese New Year. These should be available from our Service Department during March.

Bachmann Europe apologises to customers for the delay in providing replacements.
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