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Bachmann release new On30 Baldwin 4-4-0

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Bachmann America
release new On30 4-4-0 locomotive

Bachmann USA has released a new Spectrum® On30 Inside Frame 4-4-0 American
locomotive. The 4-4-0 configuration was the best-selling and longest-running
wheel arrangement of all steam locomotives, first appearing in the late
1830s and seen in service until the end of the steam era. The multipurpose
4-4-0 was stable, quick on rough track, and easy to maintain. As a result,
more than 80,000 Americans were built for railroads of all gauges. Bachmann
is pleased to offer unlettered 1890s (wood cab) and 1910 - 20s (steel cab)
versions "as delivered" from Baldwin, with a variety of paint/livery schemes
and multiple-style accessory features that give modellers numerous
customisation options.

Features of the locomotive include:

  • DCC-equipped for speed, direction, and lighting
  • dual-mode decoder with NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC or DC operation
  • die-cast cab, boiler, frame, lead truck, drivers, and tender frame
  • completely hidden can motor with flywheel and reduction gear box for scale
    speed operation
  • room
    for speaker
  • wood
    cab and steel cab versions
  • wood
    load, coal load, and oil bunker, plus two stack styles (tapered and cap)
    included with all versions
  • two
    easily interchangeable pilot styles (footboard and road), plus two lead
    truck styles (spoked and solid) included with all versions
  • photo-etched brass fuel bunker extensions for larger loads
  • E-Z
    Mate® Mark II couplers front and rear
models are available in the UK from Bachmann dealers. The recommended retail
price of all versions in £164.00 and all six versions are currently in stock
at Barwell.

Note: I've put this in this category as we don't have a specific On30 section. I'm sure Rich would like one though
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Those of us with contacts have been running this loco since just before Christmas, it's simply gorgeous made better by the fitting of sound.

Thanks Doug
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Wow, look at the options, wood or metal cab, different headlights, different chimneys, different bogie styles etc . Spectrum are to be commended on this it will make a lot of british outline modellers jealous

optional fittings have been a feature of US loco [kits] for many years now......for example,MDC shays, [also known by the Roundhouse name]...

the ''advantage'' that US modellers have is the nature of the prototype.

railroads in the US would buy the product from a Baldwin,ALco, etc.....after browsing a catalogue..........a bit like what we do with Hornby, etc.

UNlike most UK railways that might have designed and built their locos 'in house.'

this means that many small US locos have a basic generic 'look' aboout them, with but detail differences between prototypes.....
therefore the options of, for example, cab materials, or smoke stack types, are easy to apply...simply following the maker's option lists.

Also, the fittings [cabs, stacks etc] that a loco was delivered with, will likely have been upgraded as time wood cabs replaced with steel....and like most model makers, Bachmann supply 'generic' options.
also, smoke stacks might get changed due to a change in the fuel type the loco burns......there there is the conversion to electric headlights, with its attendant, steam-powered, chnages in pilot design, from perhaps the typical, pointed cowcatcher, to a simple step pilot?

I once 'updated' a Roundhouse ''old-timer' the simple expediency of panneling-in the 'wood' cab. to represent steel....chnage of stack, and pilot...and an update of the type of cylinders used....[from the old, rectangular-topped cylinder/valvechest, to a more modern sloping type....I think I used some Crownline cylinders of an appropriate got an electric headlight, and genny...and a vanderbilt tender.

no particular ''prototype'', but a typical, generic,modernised loco.

of course, because manufacturers made and sold to railroads, their products [like lights, etc] the US modeller has an easy time with the plethora of aftermarket brass or plastic ''detail'' parts......not so easy for the UK modeller, what with the mass of INDIVIDUAL details that would need to be covered?

so, for too many UK prototypes/models, and 'options' list simply isn't possible...
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